Living in Eagle

The good life isn't a faraway dream; it's right here in Eagle. Our city is where you have the freedom to build a business that works, reconnect with the wonder of the outdoors, discover a true community of friends, and craft a life you love.  

Eagle, Idaho is known as the premier community within the region. Encompassing the Boise River and resting alongside the rolling foothills, Eagle provides jaw-dropping landscapes surrounded by an abundance of shopping, dining, and adventure. In Eagle, the beauty of the nature that surrounds it is just as important as the carefully crafted architecture. From nature, history, and the joy of just being together, Eagle's people find celebration in every season of life.

Eagle is where people can live their best lives, and it will only get better with time.

There are many qualities that appeal to Eagle residents and those considering relocation to this area. Most often people attribute their decision to live in Eagle to the higher quality of design standards for the built environment, the lower density, and the quieter and more friendly way of life where you can feel disconnected from the bustle of a "big-city," yet have all the modern amenities one needs.


Eagle has a very pleasant year-round mild climate with four distinct seasons.   

Annual high temperature64 degrees
Annual low temperature41 degrees
Average days per year with precipitation82
Annual hours of sunshine2,989
Average rainfall11.73 inches
Average snowfall19 inches



Eagle offers diverse, high-quality public and private educational education options, starting from early childhood learning, all the way through high school and post-secondary offerings. 

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Health Care

We invest in the health and well-being of our community. Eagle has a strong and growing healthcare sector and is led by two outstanding healthcare providers; Saint Alphonsus Health System and St. Luke's Health System.

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Business Directory

The City of Eagle is working to continue to find ways to promote our businesses and strengthen the local economy. 

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City Services

Everything you'd expect from a premier city, and so much more.

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Quality of Life

Resting alongside the foothills and the Boise River, Eagle provides jaw-dropping landscapes surrounded by a gorgeous natural setting.

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Downtown Eagle

We are all about variety in our downtown - from dining, shopping, and personal services, to events and activities.

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