Permitting, Licensing, & Development

The City of Eagle's Economic Development staff serves as the first and single point of contact for the development and permitting processes. 

With the goal of helping you understand and accelerate the development process, our team has put together a list of important links, guides, documents, and resources to help you learn about the permitting, development, and licensing processes.


City of Eagle Department of Planning & Zoning

It is the responsibility of the Planning and Zoning Department to provide for the administration of the City of Eagle Zoning Ordinance, the Land Subdivision Ordinance, the Flood Control Ordinance, and the Comprehensive Plan. The Department serves as the technical staff on planning and zoning issues before the City Council, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and the Design Review Board.

City of Eagle Building Department

The City of Eagle Building Department is responsible for reviewing, maintaining, and tracking of permits issued for all new construction, alterations, additions, repairs, and demolitions, along with inspecting all building projects to assure compliance with the adopted building codes.


The City of Eagle City Clerk's office is responsible for the regulation of alcohol licensing, catering permits, vendors and solicitor's licenses, and business licenses.