Strategic and Master Plans

The "Providing the Framework for Future Growth" Economic Development Strategic plan will guide the City of Eagle’s economic development efforts over the next 5 years. This plan sets out a common purpose, a set of guiding principles, goals, and specific strategies to grow the City’s economy. This document provides a road map for the City of Eagle’s economic development program, but the ultimate success of the recommendations will depend on the level of commitment from both internal and external departments/agencies, elected officials, external agencies, partners, and stakeholders in executing the strategies and actions laid out in this strategic plan.

The economic development strategy is designed around five (5) broad economic development goals. The strategies and actions associated with the goals will build on the City’s strengths to ensure long‐term economic vitality and enhancement of the quality of life. Eagle strategy has short-term actions (1-2 years) and long-term actions (2-5 years).

Economic Development Goals

Goal 1: Business Development & Vitality -

Grow and promote a business-friendly culture that fosters a vibrant city economy through business attraction, expansion, retention, and entrepreneurial programs with a refined industry framework.

  • Strategy #1: Strengthen Eagle’s business climate and foster a solution-based culture of customer service across all City departments.
  • Strategy #2: Cultivating a robust entrepreneurship ecosystem and innovative culture.
  • Strategy #3: Build and foster relationships with existing businesses through a Business Retention and Expansion program
  • Strategy #4: Workforce Development and Talent Attraction.
  • Strategy #5: Grow and diversify the City’s economy through the attraction or recruitment of specific targeted industries that complement the City’s assets.
  • Strategy #6: Tourism Development; Support and promote businesses and opportunities designed to serve people who come to Eagle temporarily or repeatedly for a specific activity or overnight stay.

Goal 2: Identity and Marketing -

Create a strong identity for Eagle and elevate its profile and positive perception among local, regional, national, and international audiences.

  • Strategy #1: Establish a strong brand and identity that reflects the City of Eagle’s unique value proposition, dispels negative perceptions, and builds awareness of the opportunities.
  • Strategy #2: Develop and implement a citywide marketing plan to encourage existing business to invest in expansions, to attract new businesses, and to facilitate tourism.
  • Strategy #3: Launch an annual Eagle Economic Development Summit.

Goal 3: Downtown Revitalization -

Creating a vibrant urban experience that is inviting, attractive and safe

  • Strategy #1: Retain and Grow the Mix of Businesses and Activity within Downtown.

Goal 4: Real Estate Development -

Encourage commercial development in specific target areas, support appropriate mixed-use development, and accelerate the development and preservation of vital quality-of-place amenities.

  • Strategy #1: Provide an adequate supply of vacant, shovel-ready land for commercial and business park use.
  • Strategy #2: Support efforts to accelerate real estate development projects that will have the highest long-term impact on business development opportunities, employment growth, quality-of-place amenities, and tax base balance.

Goal 5: Community Development and Placemaking -

Building on and enhancing the existing amenities in Eagle with the goal of being the regional destination for providing the places and quality of life amenities desired by employers, employees, and residents.

  • Strategy #1: Champion and source potential placemaking and infrastructure projects that create community amenities needed for young professionals and families.
  • Strategy #2: Encourage a range of housing options to meet the needs of Eagle’s workforce and to accommodate the diverse needs of Eagle’s households.
  • Strategy #3: Foster a diverse and balanced community that meets the needs of tomorrow while preserving the quality and character Eagle values today.

Our annual plans of work depend upon available funding and are designed to implement activities that execute the strategies detailed in our Strategic Plan.

The FULL Strategic Plan (including all data and the Target Industry Analysis) can be viewed and downloaded below.

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