Looking for a place to expand or move your business within Eagle? Here is a database for commercial real estate listings for sale and for lease. We invite you to look through this property database. It is automatically updated, providing accurate information that users can utilize to enhance their understanding of the commercial real estate market in Eagle, and throughout the Treasure Valley. 

Though updated regularly by a private third party, users are encouraged to research their own location, map out specific business clusters, research pertinent data, compare locations and access other business resources found on this website to choose the best location for their business. Any distribution of information regarding real estate opportunities on this site is provided as a public service, free of charge, for informational purposes only. The City of Eagle does not and will not engage in the business of, or act in the capacity of, a real estate broker or real estate salesperson and does not act on behalf of any other party in the distribution of real estate information on any city website.