City Services


The Eagle Public Library is located within Downtown Eagle.  They offer a vast collection of books, magazines, newspapers, CDs, DVDs, digital libraries, classesbook clubs, and printing services. The digital library offers E-BooksE-Audiobooks, Magazines and NewspapersMusicMovies and TVE-Comics, and Educational Tools.  Online educational tools provide information and resources not readily available elsewhere. Printing services include mobile printing and 3-D printing.  The library provides curbside pickupdoorstep deliveryhousecalls delivery, and a talking book service.

Public Safety


The city is served by the Ada County Sheriff's Office. In 1996, the city began contracting with the Ada County Sheriff’s Office for enhanced law enforcement services. The City of Eagle Police is staffed with a police chief, an administrative assistant, three sergeants, 12 patrol officers, two traffic officers, five detectives, and two code enforcement officers.

Eagle Police officers can call on fellow Ada County Sheriff’s deputies working outside of Eagle for assistance when necessary. The partnership between the City of Eagle and the ACSO means the City has access to all of the County’s law enforcement resources without the administrative costs of running a fully-independent police department.

Fire & Rescue

The city is served by the Eagle Fire Department. Eagle Fire Department is an all-hazard career fire department responding to and managing a variety of emergency incidents ranging from fire, hazardous materials, technical rescue, medical emergencies, vehicle collisions/extractions, and wildland incidents.

In addition to emergency responses, the department actively engages in community risk reduction through training and education with residents, business owners, schools, and community groups. 

The Eagle Fire Protection District is governed by three Commissioners, elected to represent separate sub-districts. The Eagle Fire Commission works with the Fire Chief to provide fiscal oversight.


Ambulance and emergency medical services are provided through ACCESS.  ACCESS is the Ada County/City Emergency Services System through Ada County Paramedics. 

Public Transportation

Public transportation is provided by ValleyRide (Valley Regional Transit) and Commuteride (Ada County Highway District). ValleyRide provides public bus transportation and Commuteride provides van and carpooling services in the area.