Location Advantages

Eagle offers many location advantages to potential businesses, and our team is here to help you evaluate these advantages and understand how businesses can benefit from what Eagle has to offer.

Located 9 miles west of the capital city of Boise, Idaho, the City of Eagle is a premier location for companies doing business in the U.S. and across the globe. It's centrally located for reaching customers and suppliers, offering convenient access to the region and the world.


Eagle pulls from a dynamic, well-educated, and skilled talent pool who are dedicated to working hard and committed to the success of the company they work for. The diversity of industries provides a variety of opportunities for job seekers.

At all levels of representation, Eagle's leaders believe nothing is more vital than the development and maintenance of a competitive workforce and talent pipeline. Eagle leads the region in educational attainment levels which are above the national average. 

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Eagle is served by an excellent interconnected transportation network of U.S. and State Highways that provide safe, convenient, and immediate access to travel in all directions. Major transportation corridors traverse to and through the city and are maintained by Ada County Highway District and Idaho Transportation Department.

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Eagle offers an extraordinary quality of life, supported by beautiful well-designed residential and commercial neighborhoods with miles of pedestrian pathways and trails, top-rated schools, restaurants from five-star elegance to drop-in casual, executive style housing, outstanding healthcare services, and an abundance of recreational opportunities.

Combine all of this with its high-quality human-scale architecture, abundance of plush manicured landscaping, acres and acres of public parks, thoughtfully planned open space, scenic backdrop of rolling foothills and the tranquil sounds of the river, and it's no surprise why Eagle is consistently ranked as the "Best Place to Live in Idaho."

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Eagle's business-friendly nature is evident by local leadership's direction to make navigating the development processes easier and better understood, and to implement solutions to challenges and barriers, while still remaining true to who we are as a community.


Eagle's complimentary Business Liaison Program offers fully personalized assistance and services for new, existing, and expanding businesses in Eagle. We serve as your single point of contact and project manager during any and all phases of site selection, due diligence, entitlement, permitting, and construction processes. If an issue arises, the Economic Development team collaborates with our local governmental departments and partner agencies to help you find creative solutions!

And, the relationship does not end here. Staff will continue to work with company representatives to assist with ongoing operations, plans for growth, and connecting companies to needed resources.

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Utilities in Eagle are clean, reliable, affordable, and efficient - with cash incentives for electric to help you control your energy uses, and several alternatives tailored to meet natural gas energy needs. The City of Eagle is actively undergoing the construction of community-owned fiber infrastructure that will be open to any provider that seeks to offer services within the city.

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Eagle is home to a diverse set of industry sectors - from professional and business services, healthcare, retail trade, financial and insurance services, and light custom manufacturing. The unmatched quality of life and services is just one of the reasons Eagle is a hub for headquarters office and technology companies.

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Eagle offers a well-known and successful entrepreneurial culture that is evident by its home-grown business success stories of companies like: TSheets (now Intuit), Hydrus Board Tech, and PetIQ.

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