Utilities in Eagle

Electric - Idaho Power

Eagle's electric utility is provided by Idaho Power Company. With 17 hydroelectric power plants, Idaho Power is one of the nation's few investor-owned utilities with a significant generating base. When it comes to electric energy, the company:

  • Distributes 
  • Generates
  • Purchases
  • Sells
  • Transmits

Headquartered in Boise, Idaho. Since 1916, Idaho Power has been a trusted ally to business and residential customers. They offer reduced costs, renewable energy, energy efficiency incentives, and personal service. 


For the past seven years, they have powered businesses for 40% less than the national average, and they consistently score high in system reliability and system performance. For further information on their rates and regulations, visit the Rates and Regulatory page on the Idaho Power website.


For questions or more information about Idaho Power, business services call 208-388-2022.

Natural Gas - Intermountain Gas Company

Natural Gas in Eagle is provided by Intermountain Gas Company. Since 1955, Intermountain Gas has been providing service to Idaho residents and businesses. Today, Intermountain Gas is a natural gas distribution company serving residential, commercial, and industrial customers in 75 communities in southern Idaho. Intermountain Gas is a subsidiary of MDU Resources Group, Inc, a multidimensional natural resources enterprise traded on the New York Stock Exchange as MDU.


To obtain more information on their rates and services, view the Rates and Services page on the Intermountain Gas website.


For questions or more information call 208-377-6810.


Eagle's water utility service is provided by two (2) different water providers; the City of Eagle Water Department and Veolia (FKA SUEZ).

City of Eagle Water Department

The City of Eagle Water Department provides water services to areas within the Western service area and the Foothills.

For questions or more information call 208-489-8777.

Veolia Water Idaho (FKA SUEZ)

In separately designated areas of Eagle, residents may receive water services from Veolia Water Idaho (FKA SUEZ).


For information on rates and regulations, visit the Rates and Regulations page on the Veolia website.


For questions or more information call 208-362-7304.

Sewer & Wastewater - Eagle Sewer District

Eagle's wastewater utility service is provided by Eagle Sewer District (ESD). The Eagle Sewer District was created in 1963 and receives its operating authority from Idaho State Code, Title 42, Chapter 32.

Collection System

Residences and businesses located in the District's service area discharge wastewater into the Eagle Sewer District collection system, a series of interconnected pipes that convey wastewater to ESD's wastewater treatment plant located south of Highway 44 near the north channel of the Boise River. At the ESD treatment plant, the wastewater undergoes partial treatment in a set of lagoons and is then pumped to the City of Boise's West Boise Wastewater Treatment Facility where it undergoes further treatment before being discharged to the Boise River.

To access the map database, visit the Eagle Sewer District website.


For questions or more information call 208-939-0132.

Irrigation Organizations

The City of Eagle does not administer pressure irrigation. If you have questions on pressure irrigation within Eagle, you'll need to contact your local irrigation district for information. Please refer to the Department of Water Resources interactive Irrigation Map to locate which district you are in.

The following irrigation organizations cover the City of Eagle:

  • Boise Valley Irrigation Ditch Company
  • Capital View Irrigation Inc
  • Eureka Water Company
  • Farmers Union Ditch Co LTD - 208-345-2510
  • Lexington Hills Inc
  • Mace Catlin Ditch Company
  • Middleton Irrigation Association Inc; Middleton Mill Ditch Company
  • New Dry Creek Ditch Company
  • New Union Ditch Company LTD
  • Settlers Irrigation District
  • Thurman Mill Ditch Company LTD
  • Warm Springs Ditch Company
Fiber Optics

There are four diverse fiber routes that go from Salt Lake City through the Boise Valley - three underground and one aerial. There are also five facilities-based fiber providers:

All of these providers build fiber in rings. All fiber routes go west to Seattle and Portland and South to Salt Lake City and then continue from there.

Eagle Fiber Internet Goals

The City of Eagle is actively undergoing an Eagle Fiber Project.  This project includes a community-owned public infrastructure that will be open to ANY service provider that seeks to offer services in the city.  

To learn more, click here.

For information about residential utilities, please click here.