Where is Eagle?

Eagle is located in the Southwestern region of Idaho and within the Boise Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).

Situated in the County of Ada and ten (10) miles west of the capital city of Boise, Eagle is surrounded on three (3) sides by the city of Garden City, Meridian and Star, and on the northerly boundary by the foothills.

The Boise River runs directly through the City of Eagle in an east-west direction, connecting Eagle to Boise with a scenic pedestrian greenbelt pathway.

Eagle has direct connection to Interstate-84 via Eagle Road/State Highway 55. The Boise airport is a short 23-minute drive via Interstate-84 from Eagle Road/State Highway 55. Aerial connectivity from the Boise Airport is convenient for companies needing direct nonstop flights. The Boise Airport is served by seven major airlines with nonstop flights to 21 cities and counting.

Getting around the Treasure Valley is easy with one major interstate (I-84) serving the entire metro area, and with federal highways 20,26, and 30, and state highways 21,44 and 55 providing access to communities across the Valley.

Location within Metro

Eagle is located within the Boise Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), and within the County of Ada.

Boise MSA is defined by the following counties:

  • Ada County
  • Boise County
  • Canyon County
  • Gem County
  • Owyhee County

The largest population centers are within the incorporated and unincorporated areas of Ada and Canyon County.

Access to Markets

Transportation Network

Eagle has an excellent transportation network, with four (4) major highway corridors traversing to and through the city. The corridors provide direct connections from Eagle to the region, Interstate 84, the Boise Airport, and to all primary markets.

Driving Distance to Primary Markets

Eagle is within a 600-mile radius of many states including, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and parts of Canada.

By Air and Freight

Boise Airport (BOI) is located 15 miles from Eagle and is served by several airlines that offer nonstop flights to major destinations, with connecting flights to thousands of cities worldwide. In addition, several freight trucking, air freight, package express companies, and air courier services operate from the facility.

Nonstop Flight Destinations

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